We protect all kinds of media

AuthyNFT.com protects not just Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) in the form of images. We protect, NFT Images, Videos, and written works. From authors, musicians, publishers, online performers, software developers, film makers, models, YouTube personalities, entertainers and designers the like. Powered by DMCAForce.

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We know your NFT

Using unique algorithms we create a digital fingerprint of your NFT. Our technology will identify your NFT, even if it’s used only in part. We protect you against illegal resale of your NFT, wholesale copying, and just “borrowing” too.

NFT Minting

The NFT has limitless potential, it’s often hard for people to create an NFT. We make it simple and easy. With our quick 5 step process, we can have your NFT created and out to an exchange in minutes.

We never stop scanning

Our servers are constantly spidering the web looking for unauthorized uses of your protected Non-Fungible Token (NFT) . If someone on the other side of the Earth infringes on your intellectual property, we’ll know.

We're NFT DMCA takedown experts

The rules for NFT DMCA takedowns have become increasingly complex. We’re well versed in all the “how to’s” for contacting servers, administrators and social networks to have your content removed quickly and efficiently.


NFT’s are the ultimate way to identify ownership. With our advanced scanning tools and procedures, we make identifying stolen NFT’s as well as placing value on that infringement easy. Collecting those payments easy to do as well. Let us do the work and get you paid.

What do we offer ?

What You Get

  • Automated Monitoring of over 8,000+ Piracy Sites

  • De-listing submissions to Google, Bing

  • Human review and Analysis of findings

  • Notifications to Piracy sites

  • Escalated notifications to hosts, registrars or IPSPS

  • Summary Report notifications to Ad Networks

  • Personal Dashboard Access

  • Full Transparency

  • Submit your own links

  • For who:
    Midsize Artists and Companies

  • Pricing
    $500-$5,000 per month
    (Models please contact us for pricing)

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Every content creator is different.
Get in touch with us and we’ll tell you what risks you’re exposed to, and what we can do to protect you:

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AUTHYNFT.com helps you fight back against NFT theft. We scan the web twenty-four hours a day for unauthorized uses of your Non-Fungible Token (NFT). When we find it, we send DMCA takedown notices on your behalf to make sure your content is removed quickly and efficiently.

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  • (858)3499025
  • info@authynft.com
  • 3590 5th Ave. San Diego, CA. 92103

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